AKEN Corrie Whitmore: 2014 President's Vision

06 Feb 2014 11:25 AM | Anonymous
I’m Corrie Whitmore, the founding President of AKEN. I am very proud of our organization’s growth in 2013 AKEN Corrie Whitmore: 2013 President's Report and look forward to a busy second year. In 2014 I hope AKEN will:

  • Connect with more evaluators outside Anchorage and Fairbanks, to bring their important perspective to the conversation and build evaluation capacity around our enormous, diverse state. 
  • Increase our outreach to students by adding a Student Liaison to the Board of Managers. 
  • Work with faculty teaching evaluation in Alaska to share AKEN members’ expertise with students and invite more student voices into the AKEN conversation. 
  • Host two panel presentations at our General Membership Meetings, facilitated by Diwakar Vadipalli. In 2012, Diwakar hosted a panel on teaching evaluation. In 2013, he organized a panel discussing the current and future state of evaluation practices in Alaska’s human service agencies. These presentations were well attended and fostered great discussion among our members.
  • Increase our social media presence by doubling the number of blog posts written and shared onFacebook and Twitter. The blog is a great place for our members to share resources, describe projects they are working on, or seek feedback on questions they find interesting. If you are interested in writing a post or joining the blog team, please contact us at alaskaeval@gmail.com 
  • Grow our organizational infrastructure, including a designated AKEN conference line that will remain the same from meeting to meeting.
  • Designate a Conference Steering Committee and move toward hosting an AKEN Conference in 2015, which has been designated as the international “Year of Evaluation.”  Stay tuned for more information on this, including conference location, dates, and topics.

2014 is going to be a great year for the Alaska Evaluation Network! I hope you will join us, as we pursue our mission to “support evaluation practices that are responsive to the uniqueness of Alaska's geographic, social, cultural, and administrative context; encourage effective evaluation; improve evaluation capacity within the state; and advocate for evaluation leadership.”

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