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January O’Connor currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska. January is Tlingit and is Alaskan born and raised in Kake, Alaska. She possesses a Masters in the Arts of Teaching from the University of Southeast and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon and is a current PhD student in University of Alaska Fairbank’s Indigenous Studies program. She is also a Founding Director of Raven’s Group LLC (www.ravensgroupak.com), a consulting group that provides services in program planning and design, grant writing, education and youth programming, and evaluation for educational programs that focus on Rural and Alaska Native youth and students. Raven’s Group believes that the values of Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples are the foundation for successful frameworks for programs serving Alaska Native People. Raven’s Group’s vision is that Alaska Native people will be represented by those guided by Alaska Native values, lenses and approaches. In addition to bringing her educational and lived Alaskan and Alaska Native experience to her evaluation and research practices, she has 15 years’ experience leading and developing youth programming that is culturally responsive and based on positive youth development guided by research. In her previous positions, she has worked with a wide-cross section of Rural and Alaska Native people and has traveled extensively across rural Alaska. In her previous positions she assisted in designing, developing, and directing programs which served to address educational and cultural issues specific to Rural and Alaska Native high school students graduating school on time and their subsequent matriculation into vocational, educational, or employment pursuits. In her Indigenous Studies PhD, January will research indigenous evaluation. Her secondary research passion and interest is indigenized education in secondary and post-secondary environments.
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